What to make of life in the likelihood of four more years of Trump’s America?

What to make of life in the likelihood of four more years of Trump’s America?

Make no decision in time of desolation.

Yet, discernment must begin. It did already. Last night, after the horrible showings and before going to bed.

This election changes every aspect of my life:

  • Personal
  • Psychological
  • Professional
  • Physical
  • Financial

Regardless of how the final numbers come in, certain things are clear:

  • Half of Americans have voted for autocracy, authoritarianism, the cult of personality, and a judiciary subjected to the whims of the President.
  • Half of Americans have no issue with a President that lies, cheats, divides, and has no interest in reaching out to those who did not vote for him – except unless, of course, if they are willing to succumb to his unquestionable dictates.
  • Half of Americans are seemingly ok with the rising numbers of cases and deaths due to an uncontrolled pandemic; regulations that denigrate the environment; and, an economic system that clearly favors the wealthy.
  • Half of Americans welcome a combative, fighting, go-at-it-alone foreign policy, including tightening immigration laws without regards to human rights principles or consequences.
  • Half of Americans sternly believe that the poor can best be helped by providing more tax breaks to the rich, limiting public assistance, and keeping them safe by militarizing the police.

To the half of Americans that voted for Trump these positions are not theoretical or aspirational. They are in fact in place today as a result of Trump’s Presidency over the last four years – and they like them.

That is what this election has proven.

Now the question to all of us that did not vote for him is: 

  • What do we do? 
  • How do we live in Trump’s America for the foreseeable future – regardless of how the election results turn out in the next day or week? 
  • Do we engage them, retreat and distance from their noise, or resist (if Trump wins) or respect (if Biden wins)? 

… more discernment as news develops.