There’s still time to get good folks to vote #BidenHarris

There’s still time to get good folks to vote #BidenHarris

What can you say about this election that has not been said?

What can you analyze that has not been analyzed?

Who can you get to the polls that has not being?

How can you convince him or her that voting is the thing to do?

How can you encourage him or her to vote for Biden?

Is there any texting, any words, any social media posting, any advertisement – anything – that will be effective at this time, a short few days before election day?

We could throw up our arms, crawl into our rabbit hole of endless news and social media blabber, safely stay in our social bubble, and simply wait till it all passes.

Or, we could do something. We could focus these last few days in:

  • strategic outreach to people we know that may not have yet voted and empathetically, understandably, and with authentic love ask them to consider voting;
  • being very public with showing our enthusiasm by wearing our campaign  ware, freshening up that yard sign, and joining in caravans where they are happening;
  • sharing this plea with our friends and families that have voted to please please please do not do nothing.

And oh yes:

  • If you know of someone that simply can not physically do any of the above, welcome their prayers that others that can will vote vote vote #Biden.

Do not underestimate the power you have to personally get others to vote. You never know who will respond positive to your plea. Don’t discount the possibility that you are the one person that the other person was waiting to hear from to make the decision to vote.

Here’s a simple idea:

  • Make an inventory of your very own contact list on your phone. Do a personalized text and/or call asking your contacts if they would like to discuss their voting plan. No pressure. No crudeness. No guilt-trip. Simply a friendly:

“Hello, hope you are doing well; and by the way, have you voted yet? Is there anything I can do for you to do so? Wanna talk? Stay safe!”

Let’s do all we can. Let’s have no regrets. Let’s do this!


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