Thank you, Mr. President!

On this Thanksgiving Weekend, I want to give thanks for our President, Donald J. Trump.

For he has really brought out the best in us.

He has made us realize how much we need to be there (and here) for each other, help each other get over turbulent times, act to improve the lives of those that do not have a voice – and those whose voices are being taken away… So, I give thanks for all of those around us, near and far, who opt to act, to not stay silent, to shout out with anger with a purpose.

His attitude towards immigrants and refugees have sparked our deepest sympathy and empathy for their plight and struggles… So, I give thanks for the immigrants and refugees, for what they teach us, for what they bring into our nation.

His lashing out against Muslims has inspired us to become seekers of the universal love all faiths have in common… So, I give thanks to our Muslim community, for their amazing tenacity and fortitude in light of constant bashing.

His racist overtones and blatant disrespect of African Americans have rekindled our fight for full and equal justice… So, I give thanks to our African American community for their commitment to stay in – and intensify – the struggle.

His administrative changes to try to put the LGBTQ community back in the closet has reawakened our embedded sense of fairness…. So, I give thanks to our LGBTQ community for pushing back – and pushing back hard – to not lose the gains we’ve made to respect dignity and love.

His disruptive behavior has made us reconsider the role of the Presidency and shown us that we can not count on history or tradition to be the sole determinant for our future… So, I give thanks for history, but I do not worship it.

His demeaning of women has sparked a tidal wave of awakening and the expression of past hurt by women who have been done wrong… So, I give thanks for all the women that have bravely come forth to bust through the matrix of men’s false pretensions and illusion of domination.

His flippant way of dealing with international situations has reaffirmed how interconnected we are with the whole world.. So, I give thanks for all the wonderful peoples from around the world and their contribution to humanity.

His disregard for the truth about climate change has helped us refocus on the wonders of nature and the awesomeness of Mother Earth… So, I give thanks for every specie, beautifully interwoven to from this, our only communal home

His alarming toying with apocalyptic war has helped us reaffirm our love for the simple things in life, including rediscovering contemplation, the joy of healthy relationships and thriving communities… So, I give thanks for my family, my neighborhood, and my community.