Real example of Trump’s bad policy directions – and the need to keep on keeping on

It is not just about the character, the manners, the Tweets of this President. It is also about very real policies that do very real damage to very real people.  This administration is implementing real policies and procedures and administrative rules and regulations that cause bad things to happen and hurt people. Among many examples:

  • Immigrants being expelled
  • Muslims being banned
  • Blacks being killed
  • Healthcare being reversed
  • Gun laws going unchecked
  • The tax system being rewritten to favor the rich
  • Environmental policies being rewritten to serve fossil fuel industry
  • The military complex being expanded
  • Affordable housing being de-emphasized
  • The poor being forgotten
  • The judiciary being taken over by fanatics
  • Banking regulation being erased

And, let’s throw in four more that pre-date Trump, but need our attention too:

  • Corporations becoming people (Citizens United)
  • Political boundaries being drawn to perpetuate those in power (gerrymandering)
  • Letting corporations – particularly financial institutions – off the hook for their role in the Great Recession
  • Rampant economic inequality getting worse by the day

Lest we think things are going to hell in a handbasket, it is good to sense a new “Coalition of the decent” emerging to #RESISTandREPLACE many of these misguided and mean-spirited effort. This emerging coalition is a motley crew of renegade misfits from all walks of life, from every corner of the country. Among them are:

  • Aging hippies
  • Proud women
  • Loud Latinos
  • Gay gays
  • Fed up Blacks
  • Poor Whites
  • Liberal rich
  • Recantant Republicans
  • Re-energized middle class
  • Rethread punk rockers
  • Sickened scientists
  • Legalese lawyers
  • Bummed out bureaucrats
  • Pissed off park rangers
  • Pissed off soccer moms
  • Pissed off high schooler
  • Pissed off lots of others

While this movement remains leaderless at the national level, make no mistake about it: It is taking over local and state politics with a vengeance. Eventually a national leader (and/or leaders) will emerge, no doubt… Until then, #RESIST – and, as that wonderful song from the 70’s by Curtis Mayfield  says: “Keep on Keeping On”.