This useful idiot may have just outlived his usefulness

To my Republican and Conservatives friends:

I get it. You wanted a majority in the Senate and the House; you wanted to stack the courts with conservative judges, including making a Supreme Court appointment; you wanted to pass a tax bill; and you very much wanted to somehow be able to say you saved us from Obamacare. I get it.

Well, you’ve accomplish the first two and are about to do the latter two. Congratulations. (I guess.)

You paid a high price for your success – a high price indeed.

You sold your soul. You held your nose and accepted a leader you can’t stand. A leader that insults you, degrades you, embarrasses you, and is no more Republic or Conservative than I.

Yet, you took a calculated risk. And it worked. Congratulations. (I guess.)

Now, what use to you is this useful idiot?

Surely you don’t want to play along with his next game – his Second Act – right? He is now embolden – and expects you to to:

  • Build the wall
  • Ban Muslims
  • Deport Dreamers
  • Gut the Park System
  • Defund the Departments of State, Education, and Environmental Protection
  • Walk away from sensible – if imperfect – trade deals

And that is only the Second Act. Surely you don’t want to embrace the Third Act, his embrace of Steve Bannon in deconstructing their so called ‘administrative state’. That, my friend, may very well be the most dangerous of all his games and ploys… (Might that be The Final Act?)

I am so with you that the bureaucracy is dysfunctional. Believe me, I know. And, it needs fixing. For sure.

And yet, the backbone of that bureaucracy is rooted in essential American principles; the mission of the many departments and agencies are visionary and have been built with consensus; and most importantly, the vast majority of the people working there are solid professionals with strong ethics.

We don’t need to ‘deconstruct’ the bureaucracy. We need a fresh recommitment to their core values and ensure we fix how they function to achieve their mission efficiently… No, we don’t need to throw away the baby with the bathwater…. (And, I think you agree with that.)

We need an evolution, not a revolution. And, part of that evolution is to return the Presidency to a decent role.

Grant you, it’s been entertaining for a year. But, no más please. It is verging on the catastrophic.  It is time to say adios to Trump.

It’s time for this useful idiot to go. He has outlived his usefulness to you; and he has never been of any use to us.

Now mind you, I am no lover of Pence. He too is dangerous, in a very dangerous kind of way.

But – and I never thought I’d say this – I’d rather see Pence’s (seemingly) authentic evangelical zeal come to the forefront and debate its merits in the public square than continue this circus of craziness that is Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America.