A Year Later: Why I still #RESIST

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States a year ago this week.

… and he is still the President.

And I still #RESIST


The opposition is dysfunctional, splintered, and marred in its own scandals.

… and is still leaderless.

Yet I still #RESIST


He has the power, he has the votes, and he is making appointments to departments and agencies that will reshape the bureaucracy with his draconian policies.

… the odds are still against us.

But I still #RESIST


He is trying to implement an economic agenda that works against all but wealthy Americans, a social agenda that disenfranchises and alienates most non-whites, and a foreign policy that is making America small.

… he is still Donald Trump.

So I still #RESIST



I #RESIST because I can, I must, and I care.


I #RESIST because I can. If not I then who? I am blessed with the opportunity to do so. I can get involved. I can voice my opinion. I can argue with friends and foes. I can, therefore I #RESIST.

I #RESIST because I must. My moral, ethical, and spiritual compass guides me. And, it clearly points me in this direction. I must, therefore I #RESIST.

I #RESIST because I care. I have a deep innate desire for the common good, love humanity, and celebrate life. I love the simple joy of seeing others happy, self fulfilled, sharing values, and intentionally interconnected. I care, therefore I #RESIST.


I look to leaders to challenge us to a higher ground, aspirationally and practically, empathetically and pragmatically.

Trump has more than proven that he is simply incapable of doing this.


Therefore, I still #RESIST – and hope you too will do so.