Shameful. And dare I say: Not very Christian. Zero – zilch – moral compass

This Administration’s tactics are appalling.

Make no mistake about it, while we are bashing Trump’s antics and behavior, his Administration is busy – VERY busy – doing some real damage.

Very busy indeed. Pursuing self-serving, self-righteous acts intended to appease their fundamentalist base while gutting away real programs that help the many.

Examples abound. They come at you every day. But, the media seldom seldom highlights these. Media outlets across the political spectrum much rather stay with the salacious scandals, be they real or fabricated.

While we are entertained by these juicy stories, this Presidency’s fanatic bureaucratic strike force is wasting no time finding opportunities to administratively implement their draconian views – for they know well that trying to do so legislatively is hard work and complicated.

Here are but three recent happenings that you might have heard about for a news cycle or two but could have serious long term consequences:

[1] The hoopla about them trying to obstruct the undocumented 16 year old held in a detention camp from getting an abortion masks the reality that they are doing nothing to support adoption or provide new-born universal healthcare – and are willing to destroy whatever little healthcare support there is for undocumented people.

[2] They brag about how the new regulation making it impossible for class action lawsuits against financial industry giants will avoid frivolous lawsuits while in fact it makes it impossible for consumers to band together to fight these giants. (Look it up. This one got almost zero press.)

[3] The V.P. goes in front of fundamentalists to announce that the Administration will shift its funding from the U.N. to religious institutions to provide aid to Christian refugees while the proposed budget deeply cuts USAID and the level of refugees they are willing to accept into the county is the lowest in decades.

Their actions seemed to be guided by some very simple protocols. All actions must (a) be diagrammatically opposed to anything the Obama did; and, (b) please fringe elements of the fundamentalist, alt-right core fanatics.

Shameful. And dare I say: Not very Christian. Zero – zilch – moral compass.