Stop. Please stop. Just quit.

Donald Trump is yes, unfit to be President.

I am not talking here about his questionable policy objectives: build a wall, ban Muslims, befriend Russia, etc.

I am talking about the man.

He is an embarrassment. He is disgraceful. He is crass. He is classless… He makes the Presidency small.

His daily barrage of insults, demeaning comments, simplistic Tweets, bad manners, foul language, combative tone, self-righteousness, and right out lies is unbecoming of a President.

We have us a President that few in good conscience can say serves as a model to our youth, inspires the masses, unites us, or makes us proud to be Americans.

It is as if he is still campaigning, speaking only to his core supporters; not giving a damn about reaching out to those that did not vote for him. It is as if he is hell bent on creating a core cult following of 1/3 of the voters; and calculates another 1/3 will tolerate him and use him to achieve their policy objectives. (That is clearly the calculation that got him elected.)

Make no mistake about it. That 1/3 of voters that are his core cult followers are an economically – and educationally- diverse bunch. This is NOT only the downtrodden, low income, low skills whites. This 1/3 of American voters that are Trump’s cultish followers include a good number of highly educated, successful white folks.

What do they have in common?

  • Trump’s cult followers all love the simplicity of his approach. They do not care for the complexities of reality. They want it all in black and white. And he is giving them that.
  • Trump’s cult followers welcome his brash approach. “Tell it like it is!” Be politically incorrect! Yeah!
  • Trump’s cult followers have all bought into the idea that all government is bloated, all bureaucracy is inefficient, and all regulations are bad. All. (Except, of course the ones that benefit them.)
  • Trump’s cult followers feel right at home with his ballistic style. That’s who they are too. They relate to how he talks. They ‘understand’ his exaggerations. They applaud his bluntness, lack of diplomatic approach, lack of discipline. And they ‘get’ when he changes positions, deflects questions, creates new facts. It is all about keeping the enemy off balance.
  • Trump’s cult followers are loyal if nothing else. They will stick with him. Cheer him on. It is as if every attack on Trump, every new revelation, makes their cult even stronger, ever more loyal to him.

If this man’s style ever moves beyond this intractable 1/3 and moves to be a majority, we will have descended into the gutter.

It is not one single incident. If it was we could argue, debate, agree/disagree on its significance.

It is the constant, non-stop, in-your-face every-day ludeness that is alarming.

His style is infecting America. People are becoming more rude. Lashing out is becoming the norm. Lying is ok. Disrespecting others is ok. Bashing your own is expected. On and on…

Four years of this? God help us.

In the meantime, there are some of us that refuse to buy into this craziness. There are some of us that believe civility will prevail. Americans will wake up. Rise up. #RESIST … and this cultist nightmare will come to an end.