Is dictatorship around the corner?

No, right? No way. Not here!

We have way too many safety guards against the establishment of a dictatorship in America. We are too savvy; too knowledgeable; too smart. Yep. Think do?

Since WWII, most dictatorships have come to power with the tacit approval – if not outright support – of a sizable chunk if the population. Some have come to power via the ballot box. And most have had the solid support of the military establishment.

To varying degree, dictatorship have these five elements in common. They begin with:

[1] Suppressing the press and gaining control of mass media;

[2] Discrediting the establishment and bureaucracy;

[3] Gaining control of the judiciary system;

[4] Keeping the military complex happy; and,

[5] Having an eccentric, self absorbed leader.

Could not happen here, right?

The establishment of a dictatorship does not require the blind following of the masses. A third of the population will do.

Another third usually see the establishmenf of a dictatorship as a means to achieve certain political goals. This one third will tolerate and forgive the fanatics as long as their agenda is met.

A dictatorship can easily exist with a third (and more!) of the masses solidly against them. Once in power, dictatorships can flourish with as little as 25% of the masses behind them – whether philosophically, by fright, or misinformation – as long as the military is happy.

Not here, right? No way!

Trump has:

> 1/3 of Americans solidly – and blindly – behind him. Another third is lulled into believing Trump is their useful idiot, setting in place policies in their favor until they choose to dispose of him (not realizing the longer they wait the more difficult it becomes.)

> His intent with the press is well documented. Is there any doubt he is trying to suppress the press and gain control of the popular media? Is there any doubt he is telling his supporters that any source but his preferred source of information is suspect?

> His lack of respect for the existing bureaucracy and establishment in general is well documented as well. Mistrust of the status quo and institutional structures by his followers is a must before he starts dismantling them – and recreating them in his image.

> Trump’s distaste for an independent judiciary is clear. While swiftly reversing this bedrock of American democracy may seem impossible, the president has substantial power to shape this third branch of government. Add to the already existing power the power of innuendos and intimidation and you begin to see the ugly possibilities.

> Keeping the military happy may seem to be an innocent enough path. But when Trump guarantees the enhancement of the military complex at the expense of all else, and begins militarizing the White House power structure, watch out! (And, how can we forget his love for policing emphasizing ‘law and order’ – i.e.: the militarization of local police departments?)

> And, last but certainly not least is the character of the man himself. Clearly egocentric and self absorbed.

The fact that this Country has survived nearly 250 years without a dictatorship does not make it immune to it; nor does it guarantee it will never happen.

All the ingredients are in place. The cook is in the kitchen.

The masses are content with entertainment, seduced by cheers of rah rah America, and totally convinced by the illusion of safety and security.

Nah. Not here, right?