Why Russia Resonates: Its all about Steve Bannon

Why Russia Resonates: Its all about Steve Bannon

This whole Russia thing can feel so – excuse the pun – foreign.

Why should we care? How does it impact me personally? Does it really matter?

Is this just not a detraction – a last gasp attempt by Trump’s detractor – to keep the winning team from implementing their policies for which the electorate (College, that is) sent them to Washington to do?

Not exactly. (Though generally possibly more than a kernel of truth to that logic.)

Remember Trump’s unifying themes:

> Dismantling the gloated bureaucracy,  America First, and fighting for chrisitanity.

Those are powerful aims. These themes make for a powerful vision.

Actualizing that vision requires a relentless, laser sharp focus on not caring about what the established bureaucrats say, being a strongman, and shamelessly collaborating (colluding?) with others that would benefit in achieving this vision.

Russia is a natural, convenient, and practical partner in achieving this vision. Make no mistake about it:

[1] Russia will benefit greatly from a de-stabilized bureaucracy, a bureaucracy led by inexperienced, nationalist minded, friendly-to-Russia folks.

[2] Putin feels comfortable with a perceived strong man that is impressionable and immature in world politics.

[3] Russia has a historical, fundamentalist, extreme orthodox newfound christian faith that aligns perfectly with the dogmatic traditionalist catholics and fundamental evangelical movement in the U.S.

This third point needs much more exploring. We have yet to scratch the surfacing on this… And all roads will lead to Steve Bannon.

The lure of a dismantled bureaucracy, a gullible strong man at the helm that can be exploited for his inexperience in these deep matters, and a new world order based on fundamentalism and extreme orthodoxy is very appealing to many Americans across the faith spectrum. “Christians unite!” is a universal battle cry of all fundamentalists and extreme orthodoxy throughout the world… Indeed, it is no less than a ‘prophecy’!

The ‘price’ these folks are willing to pay to attain their ultimate goal of a fundamentalist and extremely orthodox christian U.S.A. is unthinkable to many other Americans. So what if it requires the destruction of social gains made since WWII; so what if it means accepting a President with dictatorial tendencies; so what if it means we embrace Russia… Nothing matter other than the end-point: A fundamentalist, extreme orthodox christian America.

Note I refuse to give these fundamentalist and extreme orthodox the honor of calling them Christians or Catholics with a capital “C”… Theirs is a small, perverse, incomplete, mean, and intolerant christianity and a very narrow representation of catholicism.

Theirs is a faith outlook so perversely fundamental and extremely orthodox that it looks exclusively to the Ten Commandments and conveniently forgets about the Sermon on the Mount.

It is a faith so perversely fundamental and extremely orthodox that it conveniently relies on the Old Testament’s approach to war, power, and authority rather than the New Testament’s emphasis on love, service and empathy.

It is a faith so perversely fundamental and extremely orthodox that it has room only for those that think – and look – like them; and have very little patience for disagreement, discourse, or dissent.

Theirs is a ‘religious correctness’ where only they are the ultimate faith arbitrators; only they know what is right and wrong; only they have access to (their) truth and can dictate human behavior for their (not God’s) greater glory.

Now, beware: These two amigos are not a natural alliance. Indeed, this strange and (un?)holy alliance of old school extreme orthodox catholics and die hard fundamentalist evangelicals is not only unnatural, but also unsustainable.

They may agree on their anti abortion rhetoric, gay bashing, and might through military power. But, they distrust each other vehemently.

To the fundamentalist evangelicals Catholics are not to be trusted; they are not even Christians, they would say… To the extreme orthodox catholics the fundamental evangelicals are at best a convenient partner, “useful idiots”, but they are not to be trusted until they declare adherence to the (a future – not this) Pope and the ‘magisterium and dogma’ of the Catholic Church – as they see it.

… All of this is orchestrated by the perversion of one man whose name we have not heard for a while in the news: Steve Bannon. Stay tuned.