This is Trump’s America. He created this mess.

This is Trump’s America. He created this mess. And now he is telling us – again – that “Only I can fix it”?

I don’t think so. It’s time to stop this madness.

It is his lack of leadership that has let to 180,000 Covid deaths – and rising.

It is his irresponsible words that have emboldened White Supremacists to violence.

It is his insistence on strong armed presence of unmarked forces at protests that have created a police state mentality.

It is his inability to assist effectively in handling rampant looting that have made the situation worse.

It is his lies and misinformation that have created confusion among many.

It is his disregard for responsible mask wearing and social distance that have led to Covid hot spots.

It is his intentional diminishing of the USPS that will destabilize the elections.

It is his environmental policies that are derogating the environment.

It is his immigration policies that put children in cages.

It is his economic policies that have disproportionately benefited the wealthiest.

It is his foreign policy that has alienated traditional allies and befriended Russia.

It is his administration that is suing to take away coverage for pre-existing condition.

It is his intentional shortchanging of the Census that will lead to massive undercount.

It is his inability to work with Congress that will seriously delay economic relief to help reopen safely.

It is he who has branded “fake news” and used it to discredit all media except those who only praise him.

It is him who has misused Federal funds to enrich himself and misused Federal property – including the White House! – as backdrops for his political gains.

It is many of the people he has chosen to lead his administration that are criminal, some landing in jail.

It is his own family that says some horrible things about him.

It is his indecency, lack of empathy, and total inability to admit he may be wrong that makes him cruel.

It is he who publicly trashes his own niece.

It is he who has to go.

This is Trump’s America. He created this mess. And you expect him to fix it?