Yes! Celebrating the Biden/Harris ticket indeed. All around 100% perfecto. Time to get to work to get the vote out. And no time to get complacent, cocky, or over-confident. Lest we forget:


Don’t discount the patchwork of “Always Trumpers”. Here’s the select group of folks that will vote for Trump regardless.

– Regardless of common sense.

– Regardless of logic.

– Regardless of science.

– Regardless of their own self-interest.

Sometimes the same person has many of these qualities. But each quality has its own substantial self-identified contingency that when patched together adds up to a big chunk of voters.

– Ravid anti abortionists

– Second Amendment zealots

– Anti scholar anti socialist

– Vaccine refusers

– Climate change deniers

– Science suspects

– Stock market high investors

– Anti regulation industrialists

– Anti-union common man

– Anti-immigration wall builders

– Anti trade deals business interests

– KKK members and wannabes

– NRA members and wannabes

– Fervent, loud racists

– Closet, quiet racists

– White supremacists

– Fox News fanatics

– Anti feminists

– Rush Limbaugh listeners

– Evangelical (so-called) Christians

– “Thanks for the conservative judges” crowd

– Ivanka lovers

– ? Others

Take nothing for granted. Don’t waste your precious time and energy in trying to convince these Trump Troopers. Spend that precious time and energy in talking up with those you know to vote vote vote – and get others in their circles to vote vote vote. (Remember you gotta be registered. And remember if you are voting by mail each state has their own rules. Don’t cut it close!)