Whose Country is this anyway?

Clearly and undeniably Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America wants to make this country a country led by and for descendants of White European Christians.

It is what it is. That is what he intends to do.

The distinct difference from past Presidents is that they very much worked to ensure – rather successfully – that the power and wealth of the USA was in the hands of descendants of White European Christians. (The fact that White Jews have successfully gained power, wealth and influence is more an accommodation of convenience by the descendants of White European Whites than them welcoming diversity.)

Now Trump wants more.

He – and his close circle of White ethnic elitists – wants not only to stop illegal immigration dead on its tracks, but reverse the ethos that has existed in the American culture of welcoming legal immigrants by limiting it to the rich and educated – from the White European stock, of course. No one believes that Trump is welcoming rich and educated Chinese or Indians – much less Nigerians or Mexicans.

This is a last gasp of a diminishing demographic cohort in the USA – descendants of White Europeans. One relatively recent example where this happened was in South Africa as they dismantled apartheid. The Whites tried everything in the book to stay in power of the economy as the African majority gained political power. The White majority there also tried everything in the book to destabilize and corrupt the emerging African leadership, leading to today’s chaotic situation.

Similarly Trump wants to delay the inevitable demographic changes in America as long as possible. Even as the demographic changes come, he wants to institutionalize minority control of the economy, judicial system, and election results.

Continued control of the economy by the descendants of White Europeans is simply building on what has worked for them over the decades. This is a matter of keeping people of color from creating wealth – particularly multi generation wealth; making access to capital a biased process favoring Whites; transferring public wealth to the (mostly White) ultra rich via the tax system;  enticing a culture of rampant consumerism and living for the moment which disincentivises  savings; and segregating education by sinister, quasi legal methods. All this tactics have one clear goal: Keep people of color down – except token tokenism – regardless of their numbers and even if they become the demographic majority.

Trump has already widely succeeded in reshaping the judicial system to favor the future White minority. It is not just his appointments to the Supreme Court. It is his judicial appointments throughout the whole country. These appointments are for life. Therefore, for the foreseeable future we are stuck with a judicial system that bend hard to the right, favors the established class, and is simply not a friend to the plight of people of color. That will take decades to change even if Trump does not get re-elected. The damage is done. (And a lot more damage can be done in the next 18 months.)

One of the most sinister plot of the Trump Troops is to change our electoral system to ensure minority rule of descendants of White Europeans. These tactics are already evident in the various states where voting is made increasing more challenging, particularly for people of color and lower income folks; gerrymandering – albeit with the complicity of some Democrats – is ensuring Republican districts for at least the next decade; and, treating corporations as people (Citizens United) makes money the determining factor for the vast majority of elections – (and remember who has the money.)  

Whose country is it anyway?

The Trumpistas clearly want it to continue being a country controlled by descendants of White Europeans. And they will stop at nothing to make this happen. They will cheat, lie, and coerce their masses by enticing hate, distrust, and even violence against people of color. They will either intentionally or complicitely work with foreign powers (i.e. Russia) to make this happen. They will stop at nothing. Our best chance to stop this madness is to beat Trump at the ballot box next year – with the help and support of the many willing Whites that are people of good will and do not buy into Trumpism. And to do that we need a massive effort to educate, convince, and enthuse our own to vote vote vote. (That is, of course, assuming that Trump does not create an intentional crisis that will suspend the elections.)