We need to stop reacting to Trump – And start responding

I take pride in having authored each and everyone of the posts on this blog.

However, in thinking what I wanted to say at this time I ran across this one article that so captured my sentiments that I am making it my posting instead of authoring a new one.

We need to stop reacting to Trump – And start responding. There is a big difference.” American Magazine, August 26, 2019.

With a twist: I ask when you read the article to also read the comments. THIS is what we are up against.

The hard core Trumpistas have an army of people searching for these type articles to take over the comments section. It is relentless. They are hell-bent in discrediting any attempt to be thoughtful and discerning. Instead they comment with vile, angry language intended to insult, demean, and create a culture of fear.

Defending Trump is a perverse art-form. Since there is no reasonable way to actually defend him, the Trumpistas resort to deflecting, misinformation, and false equivalencies.

That is their arsenal. Beware. Be very aware. What awaits us for the next 18 months is a barrage of these tactics.

The Trumpistas want us to get mad at them. To argue with them. To engage them. They know that as long as we are wasting our precious time and energy getting mad at them, arguing with them, and engaging them we are not recruiting voters to go vote.

Don’t fall for the trap. Sure, it is impossible not to read comments like the ones to this article; or sneak in a few minutes of Fox News; or read a couple of their inflammatory articles. But, don’t fall into their trap of being consumed by them!

Instead think of who you can gently, empathetically, and authentically engage to ensure they vote vote vote. THAT remains our best chance of ending this nightmare.