Why vote? Trump.

Voting in November matters because it is possibly the last chance we get to stop Trump.

Make no mistake about it. If the Trump Party and the Republican Party remains in control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, it is highly unlikely that Trump will be defeated in 2020.

The Trump Party and the Republican Party have demonstrated that most of their members are willing to accomodate indecency and divisiveness at the top (Trump) and seismic shifts in historic American values (insulting the press, shattering diplomatic traditions, etc.) to achieve certain pragmatic policy goals; i.e.: stacking the courts with conservatives, appointing their choice to the Supreme Court, and deregulating certain parts of government requirements and changing the tax code to expedite short term corporate profits.

If you are o.k. with the direction Trump is taking this country with these policy shifts and can tolerate his demeanor and approach to leadership, there is no argument that will cause you to consider voting against him. But, if you are uneasy about his leadership style, and confused with his erratic approach to diplomacy and economic policy, I hope you will consider stopping his march to a new America where decit rules, Presidential power goes unchecked, and resulting totalitarianism becomes inevitable.

And, if you are disgusted with this man’s behaviour – present and past – and are weary of his ability to do right for most Americans, then please vote.

Know that you will be tempted not to vote. Many will tell you it is not worth it. You will hear that the system is rigged. Some will argue that Democrats are no better than – and are as corrupt as – Republicans. Plus, “Trump is not on the ballot anyway”, they will say… And you may feel tempted to feel comfortably numb seeing certain economic indicators improving – a few even for yourself… So, why vote?

If you give in to these temptations not to vote, it will be a sad day in America. If you will be one of nearly 1/2 of registered voters that chooses to stay home and not vote, let it be on your conscience.

We’ve had recent election so close that literally had a handful of additional folks voted it could have changed the result. We are talking less than 1% difference between winner and loser… The old adage that ‘every vote counts’ has never been more true. Every vote counts.

One last plea. Making the personal commitment to vote is only a first step. Getting others to do the same is just as important. Your own family; your friends; your acquaintances; your coworker. They need to hear that you will be voting.

You do not need to be like the preacher standing at the corner yelling that you must be saved. (Though that is not a bad idea!) But, certainly you have personal influence on certain folks that care about you and will be impressed with your decision. Don’t assume for a minute you don’t! People care about others. People care about you… Good friends don’t let voters stay home!