The President just called a woman a dog – and that’s ok with his supporters

The President of the United States called a woman a dog last week – and it is already old news. And, his supporters did not flinch, did not care, they gave it no importance.

The President of the United States revoked the security clearance of a past high U.S. government official last week for the simple reason that the ex-official was voicing opposition to the President.

The President of the United States last week renewed his attack on the media, again calling the media “the enemy of the State.”

These three lowlights are indicative of the new world in which we live in these United States. We have us a President who is not only perceptually different in behavior from past Presidents, having introduced a level of lewdness, crassness, and right out insulting and lying that we had simply never seen; but also taking unilateral measures to silence his individual detractors and destabilize institutions that may oppose him.

No surprise coming from a man who for years advanced the false narrative that a recent President was not a U.S. citizen, called Mexicans rapists, insulted Muslims, degraded Black football players and so much more.

We now know this man. We know what he is like. We know what he stands for. He is simply a selfish, self-centered individual who to ensure his personal riches is willing to destabilize this Nation, degrade the Office of the Presidency, and create division and chaos among Americans.

He has created a cult of personality bought into by a sizeable portion of voters that will be with him regardless of what he does. These voters simply do not care about his insults and degradation of others, nor do they care where his destabilizing of the government may lead, and they are o.k. with him realigning the world order to have the U.S. and Russia become allies – indeed, many are o.k. with Russian having helped get him elected… They are hearing what they want to hear; they are seeing what they want to see. They are all saying: “So what if we are on the road to an authoritarian State or the world does not like us? Our 401(k)s are doing just fine; unemployment is down; and we are sticking it to the them with tariffs and such. We are winning!”

Such are his followers. Such are the good Americans that are so gullible as to believe this bad reality t.v. character of a President.

While we certainly need to push for bringing him down through legal and procedural means – be it the Mueller investigation or impeachment – the most effective and efficient way to bring him down is to political handicap him. And, politically handicapping this President can be done only one way. And only the American people can do it. It is called VOTING. If this coming November there is a true ‘blue wave’ of Democrats elected to the House and Senate, we can stop this madness. Nothing else will do it. No investigation, no court can guarantee the dismantling of this President’s craziness. Only having the House of Representatives and the Senate in the hands of the opposition will put a lid on his warped policies for two years until we vote him out of office directly.

If this sounds like I am ‘preaching to the choir’, I am. I am not expecting to change the minds of his foot-soldiers nor stop his State Media from spewing propaganda.

I am simply imploring everyone who is sick of this man to get out and vote. To get others to vote. To volunteer to go door-knocking. To get your old aunt and young nephew to register in time to be eligible to vote this November. To talk to your faith community to make sure we have buses to take people to the polls. To do what it takes to #RESIST and #VOTE.

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?