Forget collusion… This is treason!

Can the case be made that Trump’s actions constitute treason?

 Don’t go there, some will say. They will say that route would be “outlandish, unnecessary, and counterproductive”. Yet, some of what Trump is doing sure smells like intentional acts against the United States. Key among these:

 [1] Realignment with Russia and away from Europe and North America

  • Russia is the USA’s enemy. It is their intent to destroy the American Empire. Canada and Mexico are our friends. They want a powerful, democratic USA. Putin, instead, would like to see an American system controlled by a puppet oligarchy. Putin could not have scripted a more advantageous series of events to achieve this end than what Trump is doing. Trump has not critized Putin, has hinted he is ok with Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and is handing Cuba back to Russia without hesitation.

 [2] Destabilizing government institutions

  • American democracy is built on the trust that the government generally serves the people. We are seen that trust eroding – particularly with the President’s disparaging remarks about FBI, the dismantling of the EPA, and the shrinking of the critically important Census Bureau – because the President wants it to. If that trust is broken – if government institutions are destabilized – control is then centralized in the military and police force, responding only to the authoritarian leader.

 [3] Intentionally sowing divisions

  • We have a President that consistently refuses to be President of all the people. Instead, he aims to please exclusively his supporters, and actively demeans, insults, mocks, and makes fun of those that dare disagree with or criticize him. Creating a loyal, fanatic base of unquestioning supporters is an required element of a dictatorship.

[4] Discrediting the media

  • This President calls some in the media “the enemy of the State.” He has set up a media empire (Fox News) that is an undistinguishable integral part of his official information and propaganda apparatus. An independent, credible, and robust media is one of the most critical safeguards against an emerging dictatorship. Trump has demonstrated he wants to destroy any media not enthusiastically with him.

In conclusion, Trump’s behavior and actions are treasonous. Pure an simple. (Not to say anything about his indecent, toxic, and vile manner of speech – which unfortunately is not grounds for impeachment, but are disgusting and unpresidential for sure.) Two more years of this insanity may very well create an irreversible situation. If his madness is not held in check at the ballot box this November, 2020 may be too late.