This too shall come to pass, or will it?

The crisis at the border in this early summer of 2018 with the forced separation of children from their mothers may be the breaking point. Or not.

Grabbing pussies did not do it. Lies and more lies did not do it. Flirting with the Russians did not do it. Trying to ban Muslims did not do it. Deregulating the financial market did not do it. Crazy tariffs did not do it. Affairs with porn stars did not do it. Denying climate change did not do it. Insulting Mexican, the disabled, women, LGBTQ, blacks, and many others did not do it. Pandering to the racist alt-right did not do it.

So, will separating undocumented mothers from their children as they flee horrific situations – that the U.S. helped create – and try to enter the U.S.A. as refugee do it?

Maybe. Maybe not. Time will tell.

An opinion piece in the Washington Post today was titled simply “Repugnant”.

I see the article begins quoting a Cuban-American (Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen) – Republican at that!… Totally relate. This incident may do more than anything to date to wake-up the ‘right of center’ Cuban-Americans to the embedded indecency of this President. Cuban-Americans – across the political spectrum – are all too familiar with family separation issues; from the ‘Peter Pan’ children of the 60’s to Elian Gonzalez. Those of us that were separated from our parents – albeit by choice and under loving condition – remain hyper sensitive to the psychological scars the current situation will inflict on these children…. The damage is done. Politically – this incident coupled with the mishandling of the recovery in Puerto Rico – Trump might have just sealed the fate of Florida’s upcoming elections.

And yet some of his supporters try to justify the situation by either evoking the horrible things Obama and the Clintons did, or quoting the Bible, or grossly simplifying the situation and options, or simply deflecting the simple fact that Trump caused this problem. He seems to have changed his mind with an Executive Order that is vague in details. And now what?

… Not sure these folks minds can be changed though… Therefore:

For the historical record: Here are a couple of the least insulting and most charitable Facebook comments from the Trumpistas:

If God’s children can obey this nation’s laws and adhere to the above requests, please, enter the U.S. and enjoy the freedom you’ve been looking for! Here’s 81 verses in the bible that relate to laws – …  Here’s the bottom line as I see it: 1) Please enter the U.S. in one of the 389 LEGAL ports of entry. Just pick one, it doesn’t matter which one, but please pick one. Don’t put your child in jeopardy of being taken away from you 2) Please make sure that the child that you are bringing in is YOUR child, not someone else’s. The last thing we need is to provoke a child smuggling ring in the U.S. 3) Once we grant you an Asylum hearing, PLEASE attend! 80% of those people seeking Asylum do not attend the meeting, then they are virtually impossible to find. We don’t need any more illegal immigrants here after we’ve tried to help them become legal, PLUS, you don’t want to spend the rest of your stay here with your family hiding under the radar. Please think of your family, do the responsible thing and attend the hearing!

Yeah…. But undoing what Obama did is a huge task….have friends in. Military and they hate O for what he tried to do for 8 years…the list in endless…so why did Obama crafted a law that if follow to the T caused this???? Think about it.. this, no one raised hell like now….Trump follows the law as written and suddenly he is a monster…. The hypocrisy of the left and Dems is amazing….he is the only one with cojones to actually follow the law.

#RESIST. Get friends and families registered to vote. Don’t waste your time trying to change the minds of these folks. #RESIST