Trump: The ultimate Emotional Vacuum Cleaner

This Trump guy is really unbelievable.

I am done thinking of him as our “President”.  He is nothing more than a self-centered performance artist who cares first and foremost – no, cares exclusively – about himself.

He is the ultimate Emotional Vacuum Cleaner.

What exactly is an EVC?… Well, think of it this way:


Emotional Vacuum Cleaners thrive in Chaos and Drama. Indeed, that is the only way they know how to function.

EVCs suck up the energy wherever they are, with whomever they are, and whatever they are doing. They simply do not know how to sit back, listen and learn. After all, they know everything.

EVCs simply do not have the capacity to work in groups or teams. Because, it has to be ‘all about them’. They know best. Only they are right. It is their way or the highway.

EVCs are divas. They are attention grabber. They talk the loudest. They insult the most. They demand everybody’s attention – or else.

EVCs cannot deal with consensus. They do not have the patience for it. They have no interest in it. They see no value in it. It has to be their way. And, if they change their mind, they will not admit it.

EVCs will definitively not accept a minority opinion. They don’t even want to hear it. And, if they do hear it, it will be only to use it to humiliate the minority.

EVCs have no capacity for empathy, compassion, or caring.

Our President’s EVC quotient is through the roof. He fits the definition to a ‘t’. He is a master in employing all its tactics.

And, to those who are looking for a strong man to follow, he is ‘their man’. He can do no wrong. It is him against the world – and he is showing up the world!

How do you deal with these folks?

How do you deal with folks that honestly believe that Trump is the victim? How do you deal with people that in their bones believe the real crime is being committed by the Clintons, Obamas, and the ‘deep state’?

Clearly we see him – and them – using all sorts of deflection tactics to focus the news cycles on the tantrums, the Tweets, the drama, the chaos. All along while they dismantle and deconstruct the functioning government as we know it.

This ain’t no revolution. It’s a devolution. What is going on with vacancies in the Federal Agencies, in the roll back of bureaucratic regulations, and in the not-so-hidden financial markets and new tax laws tailored to the super wealthy is nothing short of criminal. And he is doing all of this while he intentionally entertains us with his antics, chaos, and drama.

Mueller is not going to put Trump behind bars. No porn star is going to do so either. And neither will any other judicial court.

May I suggest we deal with him, his cronies, and his Trumpistas in the ultimate court, the court of public opinion, the ballot box?

May I suggest we deny this Emotional Vacuum Cleaner what he seeks the most, attention?

If you are fed up with this crap, sick and tired of this nightmarish bad performance artist, and are ready to do something about it, don’t wait till November. Don’t waste time getting mad. Don’t let him suck up your energy.

Act now. It is now more important than ever to get friends, family, and anyone within shouting distance to go register to vote. Without a fuzz, without hoopla; no chaos, not drama… Just invite them to do so. Implore them to do so. Help them to do so.

It matters. It can make a difference. (Just look at what happened in Pennsylvania a few days ago.)

It is time. It is time to disconnect this Emotional Vacuum Cleaner by getting people registered and voting to win a sweeping victory in the November elections… But the job starts now. Don’t wait.


(Getting folks registered + Getting them to the polls)