A love letter to President Trump





Dear Mr. President:

I love you.

I am not being sarcastic here. You know I don’t like you. I don’t appreciate your ways. I disagree vehemently with you. But, I love you.

You obviously look at life very different than I do… But, hey, you are God’s child. So, I love you.

I wish the best for you. I really do.

Mr. President, it is evidently clear you are not having a good time being president. Therefore, in loving care I implore you to go back to what you do best: Go back to real estate. Go back to being a game show host. Go back to your lockeroom talk and cocktail party jokes. Go back to enjoying your expensive properties. (Do be careful who you surround yourself with; it looks like in the past you’ve kept some shady company.)

Mr. President, you’ve had your run. You succeeded beyond the wildest expectations – including your own! You won the Presidency of the United States of America, fair and square. No argument there. (Well, maybe. No. We won’t go there here.)

Anyway: You’ve even succeeded in doing things (and not doing other things) that some of your ‘friends’* wanted you to do (and not do.)  You got tax relief for the rich; you appointed a Supreme Court justice that will advance conservative ideals; you are not about to pass any meaningful gun legislation; and, you even slowed immigration without as much as building a wall! (But, don’t get greedy. Some of the other ideas you and your ‘friends’* want to pursue may not be as easy or doable.)

*Be careful. Clearly your so called ‘friends’ are really not friends. These are ‘acquaintances of convenience.’ You are their useful idiot. They are using you. 

And the faith thing? Sorry, you can’t fake it. Oh, sure you occasionally go to church for a wedding or a funeral. But it seems like you never were much into thoughtful, discerning, prayerful lifestyle. And that’s OK. Not all of us have to be into that. Some of the best people in the world are not necessarily faith-centered. So no, I don’t hold that against you. (Though your alliance with fundamentalist Christians is quite amazing. It seems they have sold their soul. How else do you explain them supporting a morally unstable person like you?!?)

Mr. President, you have lost any credibility you might have had at one point. You are increasingly becoming the butt of all jokes. You are simply not to be taken seriously anymore. And when you try to be credible? You totally flop! You have to use a cheat sheet to talk to people about empathy. No one but a select group of right wing radicals invites you to their gatherings anymore. Your mannerism, lack of vocabulary, and persona is so not presidential.

But hey, it is who you are! Embrace it. That’s what some people that support you blindly love about you, right?  Why must you try to be presidential, they say?  Geez, no one voted for you for that!

Yet Mr. President, everything has its limits. It is time for you to move on. The welcome mat has worn out (not that it was ever there.)

Just go away. We’re not looking for revenge. (Remember: We love you. We really do.)

But it is time for this nightmare to be over. You are an embarrassment to most Americans – and to many around the world as well. You don’t act presidential. Evidently you don’t feel presidential.

Mr. President, get out while you can. Someday soon it may be too late. Quit now! (Get Pence to pardon you for crimes you may have committed – just in case.)

In love,

Reemberto Rodriguez

p.s.: I am a U.S. Citizen. And I vote.