Desperately seeking positive vibes – yet nada in sight

Desperately seeking positive vibes – yet nada in sight


I am by nature a compromiser. I want to find common ground.

For me, diplomacy rules. I can easily accept our disagreements and focus on where we agree.

I like to find where our agendas intersect and work on that ‘sweet spot’.

I don’t mind ‘sleeping with the enemy’, or ‘being in the belly of the beast’.

Of course I have my values, my principles. These drive me. They define me… I could say some are non-negotiable, but that implies an intransigent position that is not helpful… I’d rather say “let us respect each other, understand where we are coming from, and focus the headlight on matters of mutual interest.”

Throughout my life I’ve dealt with plenty of folks with whom I vehemently disagree – in small ways and in big ways.

  • I grew up in the South. I had to watch Dukes of Hazards and picnic in the shadow of Stone Mountain’s carving of the Confederate heroes.
  • I’ve returned to Cuba. I had to swallow hard in the face of pervasive totalitarian Castroism propaganda everywhere.
  • My views regarding where we need to focus regarding abortion puts me at odds with some fellow Catholics and does not satisfy some of my fellow Democrats.

Yet, I have friends – very good friends – in the Deep South; I remain in dialogue with Cubans that are part of the Castro regime; and, I pray with pro-life Catholics and do civic work with pro-choice Democrats.

I have made a living out of co-existing with people with whom I have major disagreements… And, that is a good thing. I am thankful for that.

But this Trump thing is giving me a challenge that I have yet to conquer.

  • I am trying – really REALLY trying – to find something – ANYTHING – positive and worthy of working towards in the Trump agenda.
  • I am trying – really REALLY trying – to understand this man, Trump; his style, his way of communicating, his matter of speech.
  • I am trying – really REALLY trying – to identify that issue I can say ‘ah, I can buy into that; yes, I will enthusiastically support that’.

But nada yet. Nothing.

  • I am willing to separate the message from the messenger. I don’t have to like Trump to work with his folks. (I surely do not ‘like’ Raul Castro, yet I am willing to work with his folks.)
  • I am willing to dispel the past and focus on the future. I don’t want to re-litigate the campaign venom. (I don’t need to know how many slaves your ancestors owned or how you’ve benefitted from white privilege to work with you.)
  • I am willing to set aside fundamental questions. I don’t want to get bogged down on whether life begins at conception or when there is viability. (Yet, we can work together on prenatal care.)

100 days into this man’s presidency, and I have found zero, zilch – NADA – in common. Not a single issue I can proudly embrace. Not a single policy I can enthusiastically support. Not a single action I can say unequivocal ‘yes’ to.

(Not to say anything about his character… Can’t stand it. Can hardly listen to him when he speaks. His insulting, demeaning, incomplete sentences remain impossible to comprehend… He has managed to piss off Canadians, for crying out loud! How do you do THAT?!?)

… maybe someday that will change … maybe he will focus on infrastructure, reduce the tax burden of ordinary folks, or stick to providing healthcare regardless of pre-existing condition…

But, for now, #RESIST I will.