The Revenge of the Nerds – and the Geeks; and the Scientists!


I truly never ever thought it’d get to this.

How can you possibly piss of the vast majority of (the mostly) introvert, quiet, patient, good meaning scientist community?!?

What is it about this President that nerds and geeks felt there was no option but to march against his total disregard for facts, analysis, and deliberate decision making?!?

The embracement of pseudo-science, token appointments of a handful of doctors that have fringe views, and wacko statements by this President has met with a visceral response from the people that have provided decades – no, centuries! – of scientific research and clear unambiguous fact-based conclusions.

The signs at the March For Science yesterday – Earth Day, April 22, 2017 – spoke for themselves. Below is their text, purposely void of the pictures to better convey their meaning. (You can see the pictures here.)

  • Back off, man, I’m a scientist!
  • Science saves
  • Ideology is never more important than facts
  • Science matters
  • Don’t tread on me – Science NOT Silence
  • No science, No beer
  • Marching for her (Earth)
  • Science > Stupidity
  • I may not like this rain, but it is a scientific fact
  • There is no planet B
  • You know you fucked up when scientists are marching
  • We matter because science matters
  • Not bad, huh? For some immigrants (the Manhattan Project, GE, Google, Tesla, Yay-Z)
  • Science is not a liberal conspiracy
  • Valid data = Good policy
  • End data censorship!
  • Science – Because Tweets are not peer reviewed
  • Science – Because you can’t just make up shit
  • Only a dictator would censor science
  • Keep on drinking the snake oil! Trump’s presidential snake oil: From the pipelines to you, as seen on Fox

(Again, you can see the pictures here.)

This is madness. Well, #resist we will.