Top 10 Trump Truths: Indisputable Facts About His Presidency

This is my (hopefully) last posting about Trump. It is critically important we move on. And. It is critically important we don’t forget, we don’t sweep it under the rug, and don’t dismiss the gross underbelly of his toxic legacy.
[1] President Trump was instrumental in enticing a mob to attack Congress. Five people died.
[2] President Trump lied about the election. He relentlessly said there was widespread fraud. It was a fair election.
[3] President Trump is the only President impeached twice.
[4] President Trump began his presidency insulting Mexicans and degregating Muslims, insulted people with disability, and called the media ‘the enemy of the state’.
[5] President Trump bragged about grabbing women by the pussy.
[6] President Trump never ever during his four years as President chastised nor blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for anything.
[7] President Trump never held a national memorial service for those who died of Covid.
[8] President Trump’s policies demonstrated little if any regard for climate change implications.
[9] Trump consistently refused to speak loudly against white supremacists and racists groups.
[10] Trump’s rhetoric or action seldom if ever tried to be “President for all Americans”, instead focusing almost exclusively on embolding and not growing the number of his supporters.
There are many other Trump Truths. But these capture the evil within the man. The inhumanity. The lack of empathy. The pure toxicity of his Presidency.
Let’s see how much of it influences future policies and if how he may continue to stir the pot, cause bad trouble, and try to stay in the limelight… We’ll see. We’ll see.