Trump vs COVID-19: The saga continues

It is as if the world stopped about a month ago, when I made the last posting to this blog. And in many ways the world as we knew it did stop.

The Coronavirus epidemic has marched across the glove, engulfing every corner without regard to creed or race. (Except in the U.S. it is becoming increasingly evident Blacks are dying at a disproportionate number. But that may be more linked to pre-existing bad health – and bad access to health care.)

The Trump Administration has failed miserably in leading the Country through this crisis. The President has insisted in continuing to be himself; and with the rare exception of key scientists, his team keeps fumbling misguided situations and acting seemingly without a clue thus creating an erratic bureaucratic mess.

From his diminishing of the early signs to his inability to gieve for the dead and families, Trump’s total worst is coming out. Rather than writing a synopsis, it might be best to highlight some of the Facebook postings and conversations over the last month.

Here’s to hoping that we only have to keep this blog up for six more months and close it down November 3rd, 2020.

Here are our Facebook Postings over the last few weeks of this ordeal:

Facebook Posting March 24th


Facebook Posting March 26th


Facebook Posting March 29th


Facebook Posting April 2nd


Facebook Posting April 6th



… and his quote that will certainly go down in history:


To end it on a good note – and for comparison – here’s the Holy Days message Joe Biden sent: