Welcome to Trumplandia

Note: This one is a work-in-progress… I will add to it as different feelings come and go over the next few days…

Welcome to Trumplandia.

The United Sham of America.

Boys, grab them pus@#$.
Men, rape them women.
Rich guys, get richer by cheating.
Politicians, lie yourself to power.

It’s all about you, baby!
It’s all alright.
It is all alright because your President says it is. He has done it and therefore it is alright.
You too can do it.

Just don’t cross him. Or his wrath will be unleashed on you.
He will eat you, chew you, and spit you right out.
You might have been with him yesterday, but that ain’t good enough.
Thou shall be blindly with him. Or else.

He got you the wall, he got you the judges, Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, the economy is soaring, gays know their place, we are dropping big bombs and assassinating bad people. What more do you want?

Now go watch that Super Bowl, entertain yourself, buy more stuff whether you need it or not – you don’t want to fall behind the Joneses.

Heard about the new movie?
Seen that new car?
Tried that new gadget?

Don’t worry. Tomorrow there’ll be another news cycle.
Then, all of this will be but a figment of history. We’ll be on to the next crisis.
And summer will come early. (Climate change has its benefits.)

Welcome to Trumplandia.

If this is the America 1/2 the voting public wants, you can have it. I ain’t going nowhere. I will be a thorn on your side, a rebel with a cause, and part of the persistent opposition. Been there before – that’s where I come from.

See you at the ballot box – if there’s an election. For we now know that if the President feels an election can work against him, he can abolish it. Or postpone it. Or rig it. 

Because: If the President does it, it’s alright.

Welcome to Trumplandia.