What to make of this madness – regardless of impeachment

What to make of this madness – regardless of impeachment.

We have us a President that in the zeal to relate to the common man has degraded the Office of the Presidency to a reality t.v. showman who insults, demeans, and belittles anyone who disagrees with him.

His persona is one that has more in common with someone at a bar brawl than a person with the heavy responsibility of the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America.

His demeanor is such that no parent can be proud of presenting him as an example to be admired, a role model, or an exemplary leader.

A President that blatantly lies. A President who refuses to indicate that he is willing to be President for those who did not vote for him – the majority of the votes in 2016. A President who clearly feels more comfortable spewing insults than singing praises; more often coercing than collaborating; and more likely to chew you out than to break bread with you.

… And all of this without mentioning his hateful policies.

Should this matter to the voters? Does it matter to the voters?

You can have a vibrant economy, a strong police state style feeling of safety, and less immigrants in the country. You can appeal to part of America with more conservative judges, increasing restrictions on abortion, and gays “in their place”. Fine. We get that a part of America vehemently believes in these things – and some believe in some of these things at most any cost.

However, will these God-fearing Americans be willing to give up on the “success” of Trump just because he is a conceited jerk with a warped sense of reality? Will they hold their nose and vote for him yet again? Or will they simply walk away and not vote at all?… Or, will they be so afraid of the alternative (i.e. a Democratic Administration) that they will be re-energized to blindly support Trump even if he shoots someone on 5th Avenue – or tries to make a deal with a foreign country to investigate his political opponent?

We don’t know. Nothing is certain. Don’t risk it. #RESIST and #VOTE.