Somebody please get this man some help.

Somebody please get this man some help.

You don’t have to be a psychiatrist, you don’t have to be a social worker, you don’t have to be a professional to notice that our President is simply not well.

Mind you, I know we are all dysfunctional in some ways and we all suffer from some level of abnormality.

But, this guy is off the rocket.

Those around him need to stop enabling him.

Those that see him as a useful idiot need to stop praising him with endless accolades.

Anecdotes abound. But one that typifies his more than uncommon behavior and propensity to lie is when he recently publicly praised the crowds on the streets of London. He praised them, claiming they were there happy to see him.

No. These folks were protesting him. Did he not know that?!? Really?!?

I don’t know what the worst interpretation is.

If those around him did not specify to him that the crowds were protesting and instead told him they were cheering him – and he believed them – it is proof that he is being totally manipulated.

If he simply lied and said the crowds were cheering him while fully knowing they were protesting him, it simply proves he is – as many have said – a pathological liar, hoping that if he says something enough his supporters will disregard the obvious, undeniable truth.

Either way, there is something very wrong here.

There seems to be a substantial part of America that simply chooses to have a single source of ‘news’. They are simply not interested in any other channels. They don’t want to be bothered. It is real to them only if it appears on Fox News and only if the President affirms it.

Add to this the fact that the vast majority of Senators and Republican governors will adhere to Trump’s unorthodoxy – whatever that might be – and you get the reality in which we live: A functional dictatorship.

Unless Trump is resoundly defeated in the 2020 elections and his authoritarian course is reversed, the U.S.A. will fall prey to continuing a functional dictatorship. Couple this with the increasing complexity of society; the many people that feel overwhelmed; the backlash to science, diversity, and pluralism; and you get a very bad situation… A situation that might just be irreversible. A situation where the masses will gladly accept being spoon fed as long as they can practice their consumerism religion, be lulled by increasingly bad entertainment, and intoxicated by corrupt sports… Think Roman Empire before its fall. (Are we there yet?)

Inaction is being complicit in the creation of this new Orwellian Trump World.

Assuming others will do their civic duty while you enjoy your frills is being derelict of your civic duties.

Making excuses, claiming to be too busy, and throwing up our arms in disgust equals joining the Trump Team.

Don’t despair. We can do this. Keep talking to his supporters. But, more importantly, talk to your laid back friends – the ones that will listen to you. Share with them your concern, your passion. Ask them – beg them if you must – to take this situation seriously.

This man needs help. We can help him. Tough love is in order.

But first we must get him out of our house – the White House.