It is never to early to think about voting

These are trying times indeed.

All the debate, talking-heads conversations, family squabbles, and bar room brawls no longer matter. Regardless of what the Mueller report says, 40% of Americans are withTrump.

Truth is no longer absolute. Not even for the moment. Not even if we frame it in ‘as we know it’ context.

Relativism is now perverted to mean everyone’s opinion is equally valid, regardless of how that opinion was formed.

Changing your mind, shifting position, accepting we were wrong is no longer something acceptable.

Discernment, critical thinking, and deep analysis are dismissed as self-righteous, pompous, and conceited.

And so is our new world where public discourse, civic dialogue, and sensible conversations are things of the past – things of a bygone era for which we no longer have time.

So we are left with headlines, instant information, too much information, and inability – and unwillingness – to reflect, look beyond, consider consequences, or care about anything else other than ‘what I know ’. Because ‘what I know’ has become ‘what it is’…

…And please don’t bother me with your biased facts and information. They will not change my mind.

Also, don’t bother me with new data. I don’t want to know.

Knowledge has become passé.

We have yet to find the words to express this new paradigm. So we are stuck with using old words and phrases – old arguments and tired expressions – to try to convey this new reality. A reality that we ourselves don’t yet understand.

Therefore, we have no choice but to cling on to the last hope of an imperfect process; an imperfect system; a system abused by those in power; a system we know is biased; a system we know falls way short of what should be. Yet we must participate. We must VOTE!

The craziness of the Democratic Party primary has begun. Some candidates turn to silly tricks (offering to donate to charity when you contribute, or riding a skateboard to relate to you) and others try to show off their policy knowledge by talking at a level understood only by policy wonks. Some exalt their experience while others exalt their lack thereof. Most pander to the mad left – or at least wink at it – while none dare stick to the middle or worse yet spouse some of the virtue of conservatism.  We run the risk of creating firing squad circle, discrediting each other beyond repair.

Yet, it is through this chaotic, meandering, wasteful, insane process that we will end up with a Democratic candidate that will stand up to Trump.

Let there be no mistake about it: Any of the 26 (or is it 62 now?) people running to be the Democratic Party candidate for President in 2020 has my vote. Any of them – any of them! – will be better for the wellbeing of the people that live in the USA, better for the Nation as a whole, and better for the world as a community than Trump… So: Pick your favorite. Talk her/him up. Advance her/his ideas… But please: Once the (imperfect) decision is made as to who the Democratic Party nominee is, let’s come together to end this madness masquerading as a presidency we now have under Donald J. Trump.