You know you are a Trump supporter if…

You know you are a Trump supporter if you believe some, most, or all of the following.

(Remember, you have a choice. While the opposition is far from perfect, it is certainly more decent – and better – than Trump and his ex-Republicans useful idiots. #VOTE!)

Muslims are terrorists.

Mexicans are rapists.

It is ok to grab women by the pussy.

It is fine to bash the disabled.

Gays are not ok.

Blacks better should know their place.

Jews are too powerful.

Journalist are the enemy of the people.

Transgenders should not exist.

There are many “good actors” in the KKK and similar organizations.

Sports figure should have limited freedom of speech in the ballfield.

The tax cuts are helping the average American.

We don’t need insurance to cover pre existing conditions.

Deregulating the big banks will not lead to another financial scam/collapse necessitating a bail out like back in 2009.

Public education can be fixed only by dismantling it.

Climate change does not matter.

Putin is a friend we can not criticize.

North Korea, the Philippine, and Poland have strong leaders worth praising and emulating.

Most African and Latin American countries are shit holes.

Canada is not our friend and deserve  a tariff war.

Saudi Arabia is our friends simply because they buy arms from us, even though women have very few rights and they can murder American journalists.

Ted Cruz father was involved in the assassination of JFK.

Obama was not born in the USA.

Puerto Rico does not deserve to be treated as part of the USA.

Making abortion illegal at any time is of paramount importance without regards to the unintended consequences or the willingness to welcome the baby with insurance, child care, and early childhood education.

Voter fraud is in the millions.

It is ok to make voting more difficult, including instituting a rule that you must vote in every election or be removed from the rolls.

It is ok for a candidate for governor simultaneously be in charge of regulating the elections.

It is ok for the President to consistently lie, be divisive, and make America small –AND call himself a “Nationalist”.

It is ok for the President to keep his tax return secret.

And – before someone posts a similar list from Obama or the Democrats as a response to this post – remember: It is Trump who is the President now; and it is the Republicans that are in power….

It is time to correct this insanity… #VOTE!

p.s.: Don’t assume your family and friends are voting. Encourage them to do so. Offer to drive them to the polls, to baby-sit – whatever it takes… Yes, YOUR vote makes a difference.