The time for arguing is over. It is time to get folks registered to vote!

One third of America does not care about the character of the President, what he did with porn stars, or how he made his money. They care about the change he is causing, the disruptions he is creating, and the improving economic times.

Whether you agree with this clear, sharp capacity of many Trump supporters to cheer him on, that is how at least of 1/3 of America feels. These are  – generally – the same folks that were tired of the excessive political correctness, have no patience for the complexity of diplomacy, or simply don’t care about the collateral damage of simplistic solutions.

These are some of our neighbors, family members, and friends.

And that would be o.k. Except.

Except this scorch earth, simplistic, take no prisoner approach to governing is devolving American ideals, cheapening the presidency, and causing some real damage to real people in this country and throughout the world. This bumper sticker approach to governing is shallow – and right down dangerous.

Build the wall. Move embassy to Jerusalem. Lower taxes. Terminate TPS. Make all abortion illegal. Deregulate.

All make for good bumper stickers. But, not considering the impact of these actions in the complex world we live in is irresponsible, authoritarian, and very, very dangerous.

The problem is the Trump supporters do not want to hear this. And if they do, they will resort to simplistic responses like: “It is the law. It has to be upheld.” Or, “he campaigned on this and now he is doing it.” All fine and good.

Yet, they will take no responsibility for their actions:

Never mind that the embassy move caused many Palestinian death; not the President’s fault, they will tell you.

Never mind that their new immigration policies lead to separating families; they should not have come here to begin with, they will tell you.

Never mind that paying for lowering the taxes for the rich causes real pain for the poor; don’t worry – it will eventually trickle down, they will tell you.

Never mind that anti-abortionist care only that the baby is born; that is all that matters – even if there is no universal healthcare, childcare support, or extended work leave, they will tell you.

There comes a point when you can no longer argue with these folks. You get to the point where you are just talking past each other. No one is listening to the other with good will.

And, don’t even bring up the President’s character or investigations. It is all irrelevant and/or a fake news conspiracy promoted by the deep state, they will tell you. And they believe it. And nothing will change their minds.

So the only thing left to do is get them out of power. So you #RESIST. And vote vote vote. BUT: Before you vote you have to be registered.

NOW is the time to get your friends, family, and anyone you know is fed up with this devolution to get registered to vote. It is most crucially important to do these in States like Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas. So if you know folks there, get in touch with them. Now. As in today. Make the call; send the text or e-mail. Let’s do it!