A pathetic President: Trump in Puerto Rico

{This is a guest post from my sister, Carmen Villafañe. I could not have said it better!}

WHO – much less the President of this country – would THROW supplies to the victims of a natural disaster as if he were playing volleyball?

WHY would the comparison of disasters of this magnitude even be necessary when speaking with the leadership of an island nation that is US territory, under extremely dire circumstances to alleviate the trauma and hardships their people are undergoing?

HOW is it possible for the budget issue to be brought up in such a crass manner in the face of an entire country who has very limited or no power, lacks clean drinking water and entire areas where it’s citizens – AMERICAN CITIZENS – are still cut off from access to relief efforts happening on the rest of the island?

I have chosen NOT to repost the glaring footage* of this visit because I find it offensive. My heart breaks for the PUERTO RICAN people, who still can’t give a clear death toll post-Maria due to inaccessibility on many parts of the island & who are struggling in the day-to-day called SURVIVAL after such a devastating hit. {If you must see the footage, it is here.}

The lack of RESPECT for HUMAN DIGNITY in the attitude & actions of the man who carries the title of President of the United States towards some of the weakest among us – who are our OWN, as much as Floridians & Texans – is a clear reflection of his priorities.

Those are NOT the priorities of the people of the USA. We are compassionate, decent & empathetic towards others in times of need, capable of setting politics aside and putting PEOPLE first. Politics have no place in this (nor any) humanitarian crisis.

I can only ACT in solidarity through helping with my time, treasure & talent when others are in need. I can only PRAY to be sensitive to those in need and that my attitudes & actions reflect my sincere effort & desire to help in the best way possible for THEM, not for me. Also, I pray that as a country, we look inward and re-assess our compass, so that our history as a generous nation always remain in the very fiber of our being.

This post is my reflective response to what I witnessed this afternoon in the news about the President’s visit to PR.

If you respond, please do so with respect.

God bless the USA!