How to create a Capitalist Oligarchy

A Capitalist Oligarchy is where a few men, led by one charismatic leader, gain control of most of a country’s wealth, means of production, and communication channels and use them exclusively for their own personal and family enrichment. In a Capitalist Oligarchy at least 1/3 of the population remains enamored with this leadership, and – like useful idiots – are willing to cooperate blindly. This ‘base’ forms the core of the bureaucracy and thus facilitates the implementation of draconian and dogmatic laws and regulations… How do we get there? >

[1] Identify at least 1/3 of the population who will agree with you 90% of the time. Demographically, the largest group in the land: Whites with least education.

[2] Campaign appealing to people’s worst instincts. Fear. Envy. Hate.

[3] Demean most existing institutions. ‘I know more than the generals’. ‘The economy is a mess’. ‘What does the Pope know?’

[4] Lie your way to power, accepting propaganda help only from others like you. Putin.

[5] Once in power, make no attempt to unite people. Instead divide. Set one minority against another. Insult every conceivable group.

[6] Make the press ‘the enemy of the people’. And create your own news feed to feed your useful idiots.

[7] Discredit the independent judiciary. Insult judges. Imply you will not comply with court rulings.

[8] Empower ‘big money’ and Wall Street. Get them on your Cabinet. Promise them deregulation and tax breaks.

[9] Deconstruct government by dismantling departments. Education. Environmental Protection.

[10] Accept no internal dissent. Fire folks. Litmus test for mid-level bureaucratic positions.

[11] Politicize the armed forces. Have your campaign guy sit in on the Security Council.

[12] Create crisis where there is none. Ban Muslims. Build a wall. Deport illegals. Investigate voter fraud.

Most recent examples of these systems includes the longest running Capitalist Oligarchy in modern history, Cuba; the now nearly failed Venezuelan government; and of course, the mother of all Capitalist Oligarchy, Russia.

… and you thought it could never happen in the U.S.A.?!?