Call me touchie-feelie

Call me touchie-feelie. I yearn for a President that I can respect; a President I can believe; a President I can support.

I yearn for a President that conveys aspiration – not intimidation; a President that is inspirational – not dictatorial; a President that demonstrates critical thinking – not impulsive criticism.

But, I have Trump. A man who I do not respect; consistently lies; and seeks to take America in a direction I cannot support.

Trump, a man who intimidates, dictates, and criticizes impulsively.  He is our President-elect.

We have a President-elect who refuses to address – and rather seems determined to exasperate – the negative aspects of the:

  • Plight of the poor;
  • Hopelessness of the homeless;
  • Isolation of immigrants;
  • Disengagement of the disabled;
  • Insecurity of seniors; and,
  • Fright of minorities.

How do you live in a country where you so oppose the person – and many of the negative, hurtful policies of those – in highest power? How do you relate to – live with – those who respect, believe, and support him and those policies?

One approach is to realize that through most of human history most people have lived in these circumstances. Be it the king, the tyrant, the dictator, or the duly elected, most people have to live in a situation where they disagree – sometimes vehemently – with those in power. Yet live they must. Live they do. Live we will.

Some choose to divert from the political scene. Divert to all the wonderful aspects of life to be lived regardless of the human condition: Love those around you; enjoy the little things that matter; appreciate life regardless… And that I understand.

At the other end of the spectrum, a few choose to fight. Go underground. Flee. Find others that are willing to fight, both figuratively and literally. Do whatever it takes. Through whatever means are necessary… And that approach I will not take.

Many of us in the middle choose to work within the system – as imperfect and flawed as it is – to do what we can to change the things we don’t like, those things we disagree with, those things we feel strongly about… And this is what I choose to do.

In the absence of empathetic and caring leadership from the top, it is incumbent upon us who dare to dream differently – particularly those of us who know ‘the system’ – to be there for those in need; for those that have no political power…

This is not the time to despair. The poor, the homeless, the immigrants, the disabled, the seniors, and the minorities are counting on us. Time to get to work!