Let’s not fool ourselves: The future will be different from the past. It always has been.

Let’s not fool ourselves: The future will be different from the past. It always has been.

So, let’s go make it work – for those like us, those unlike us, those that like us and those that don’t. It would be sweet if we can work together on some stuff. But, if we can’t work together, let’s at least fight decently.

Let’s not fool ourselves: Political fights ARE personal fights.

If I perceive your political views to put the lives of my undocumented immigrants and Muslim friends at risk, I take it personally.

If you perceive my political views to put the lives of unborn babies at risk, you take it personally.

We will each use the tools and techniques at our disposition – some with their newfound elected power, others joining the people protests – to do what we can to create a world where our views prevail. Sometimes compromise will be in order. Sometimes conflict will prevail until one side or the other ‘wins’. That is the political process.

Let’s not fool ourselves: Political views impact personal relations.

If we have similar political views, I tend to want to hang out with you more often, for longer time, for that extra beer or slow cigar.

If we have different political views, I tend to move on quickly after saying hello.

{If we have contrasting different views, I promise I will restrict my comments to the weather (without mentioning climate change!), sports (without mentioning the team’s names), and wish your family well (without asking about your gay cousin.)}

Let’s not fool ourselves: Politics and faith connect

My faith is rooted in the Beatitudes as actualized by the teachings of Catholic social justice action. I find inspiration in Father James Martin, S.J., and the Franciscan Richard Rohr – Google them; good stuff!  I like Pope Francis very much. I find his message of mercy and inclusion refreshing and welcoming. (I particularly like his blending of Franciscan and Jesuit spirituality.)

I cannot separate my faith from my political views. I know that complicates matter, but that is who I am. Faith is what forms my core, unapologetically so.

Yet, I find it extremely difficult to understand collective actions driven exclusively by dogmatic, absolute faith that negate the value of people who happen to believe differently. I find it challenging to understand beliefs that negate scientific knowledge. And, I find it impossible to understand killing in the name of God, or simplistically imposing on others laws based on narrow, limited application of any one particular faith system. 

So, if you are the praying type, I will pray for you. And, as Pope Francis so simplistically eloquently says: Please pray for me.