This is Trump’s America. He created this mess.

This is Trump’s America. He created this mess. And now he is telling us – again – that “Only I can fix it”?

I don’t think so. It’s time to stop this madness.

It is his lack of leadership that has let to 180,000 Covid deaths – and rising.

It is his irresponsible words that have emboldened White Supremacists to violence.

It is his insistence on strong armed presence of unmarked forces at protests that have created a police state mentality.

It is his inability to assist effectively in handling rampant looting that have made the situation worse.

It is his lies and misinformation that have created confusion among many.

It is his disregard for responsible mask wearing and social distance that have led to Covid hot spots.

It is his intentional diminishing of the USPS that will destabilize the elections.

It is his environmental policies that are derogating the environment.

It is his immigration policies that put children in cages.

It is his economic policies that have disproportionately benefited the wealthiest.

It is his foreign policy that has alienated traditional allies and befriended Russia.

It is his administration that is suing to take away coverage for pre-existing condition.

It is his intentional shortchanging of the Census that will lead to massive undercount.

It is his inability to work with Congress that will seriously delay economic relief to help reopen safely.

It is he who has branded “fake news” and used it to discredit all media except those who only praise him.

It is him who has misused Federal funds to enrich himself and misused Federal property – including the White House! – as backdrops for his political gains.

It is many of the people he has chosen to lead his administration that are criminal, some landing in jail.

It is his own family that says some horrible things about him.

It is his indecency, lack of empathy, and total inability to admit he may be wrong that makes him cruel.

It is he who publicly trashes his own niece.

It is he who has to go.

This is Trump’s America. He created this mess. And you expect him to fix it?




Yes! Celebrating the Biden/Harris ticket indeed. All around 100% perfecto. Time to get to work to get the vote out. And no time to get complacent, cocky, or over-confident. Lest we forget:


Don’t discount the patchwork of “Always Trumpers”. Here’s the select group of folks that will vote for Trump regardless.

– Regardless of common sense.

– Regardless of logic.

– Regardless of science.

– Regardless of their own self-interest.

Sometimes the same person has many of these qualities. But each quality has its own substantial self-identified contingency that when patched together adds up to a big chunk of voters.

– Ravid anti abortionists

– Second Amendment zealots

– Anti scholar anti socialist

– Vaccine refusers

– Climate change deniers

– Science suspects

– Stock market high investors

– Anti regulation industrialists

– Anti-union common man

– Anti-immigration wall builders

– Anti trade deals business interests

– KKK members and wannabes

– NRA members and wannabes

– Fervent, loud racists

– Closet, quiet racists

– White supremacists

– Fox News fanatics

– Anti feminists

– Rush Limbaugh listeners

– Evangelical (so-called) Christians

– “Thanks for the conservative judges” crowd

– Ivanka lovers

– ? Others

Take nothing for granted. Don’t waste your precious time and energy in trying to convince these Trump Troopers. Spend that precious time and energy in talking up with those you know to vote vote vote – and get others in their circles to vote vote vote. (Remember you gotta be registered. And remember if you are voting by mail each state has their own rules. Don’t cut it close!)




There are many ways to look at life. And there’s always a danger of categorizing things – putting people in boxes – lest we too easily dispel their multi-dimensional potential and limit their capacity. But, with its inherent drawbacks, categorization does facilitate a degree of understanding.

One way to better understand ours – and others’ – politics, faith, and relationships is to understand where folks come from; why they are like they are.

In a previous blog we discussed how oftentimes people’s fountain of information in many ways determines their thinking. On this blog we want to explore how most folks lean either to being conservative or liberal minded. Neither is better or worse. It is a personality trait, not a life determinant. Few people fall exclusively into one or the other camp. But generally, they do follow a certain pattern.

Below there’s a paradigm to hopefully help us better understand, accept, and work with each other. Have some fun with it. Rate yourself from 1 to 10 in each item. Add them up. See how you compare with friends and family. The higher your total, the more conservative leaning you are; the lower your total the more liberal leaning you are.

Here’s the list categorized in the two buckets:


  • Intends to conserve the certain
  • Relies on rules and regulations
  • Thinks in terms of specifics and points
  • Data must be supported by beliefs
  • Demands clarity
  • Low tolerance for different opinions
  • Follows authority without question
  • Likes a defined box
  • More comfortable with less choices
  • Decides
  • “I have the answer for you”
  • “I am right; you are wrong”
  • “You will not convince me”
  • Opinions become fact
  • Learns from dictates
  • Cherishes individual freedoms
  • Committed to conserving heritage and tradition
  • Insists on theological certitude
  • Looks for science to conform to faith
  • Faith must be firm and solid
  • Dogmatic
  • The Rituals rule
  • Prefers the Ten Commandments and Revelations


  • Intends to liberally consider options
  • Relies on guidance and suggestions
  • Thinks in terms of spectrum and continuum
  • Beliefs must be supported by data
  • Accepts vagueness
  • High tolerance for different opinions
  • Questions authority not just follows
  • Likes being outside the box
  • More comfortable with more choices
  • Discerns
  • “I have questions for you”
  • “I am listening; I hear you”
  • “I may change my mind”
  • Facts are not opinions
  • Learns from conversations
  • Cherishes social responsibilities
  • Committed to questioning heritage and tradition
  • Welcomes theological ambiguity
  • Looks for faith to conform to science
  • Faith can be soft and fluid
  • Inter-denominational
  • The Spirit rules
  • Prefers the Psalms and The Beatitudes

Wherever you rate, we love you 🙂

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