Trump’s latest Cuba ploy: Doing Putin’s bidding yet again

Is there any doubt that what Trump is doing with Cuba will lead to Cuba strengthening Cuba’s relationship with Putin’s Russia?

Here we go again. For sixty years – sixty years! – the U.S. has done the same thing to try to change Cuba: Used the same tactics. Employed the same tools… And failed miserably.

The only ray of hope was when Obama took a markedly different approach. It fast became evident that the possibility for substantive change was real. But, it seems that’s the last thing Trump wants – excuse me, what Putin wants – is real change in Cuba.

What Trump seeks in Cuba is simple: For Cuba to remain in Russia’s sphere of influence.

It is safe to say that Trump does not care one iota about freedom, democracy, and such ideals in Cuba – or in Syria; or in Venezuela; or in Ukraine. Or anywhere else.

All Trump seeks is to do Putin’s bidding. All Trump seeks is to establish a new world order. It is paradoxical that after all Tump’s criticism of globalization what he is trying to do is establish a new world order. All he is trying to do is establish a new world order where strong men control capital.

Forget communism, capitalism, socialism. Whatever you call it, Trump’s world order is one where a few strong men are in complete and total control of capital  – be them duly elected, be that they came to power via a military overthrow, be that they are from a country where the economy is centrally controlled or an economy that is more free market driven.

His mentor and guide is clearly Putin. And Cuba is paying the price. Dearly.

Can you blame the Cuban government for seeking security from Russia, oil from Iran, and infrastructure from China?

Clearly the fact that the Cuban government is totally dysfunctional, totalitarian, and mafia-like is not the reason Trump is against them. There are other governments that are totally dysfunctional, totalitarian, and mafia-like and Trump just loves, especially Russia – and Saudi Arabia. These are two countries Trump admires and obviously wishes he could be like them.

Yet Trump is bullying Cuba, abusing American companies engaging Cuba, and most important he is hurting the Cuban people in the island and their relatives in exile.

His latest move is to limit flight to Cuba only to Havana. Why? What will this accomplish but difficulties to Cubans in the island and extra expenses for their exile families?

I get that this will have the effect of convincing some Americans that the changing sands and instabilities don’t merit the hassles of arranging for travel to Cuba. First it was the cruise ships. And now this.

[1] Does Trump really think that this move will bring the Cuban government to its knees?

[2] Is he just trying to get some votes in Florida?

[3] Or is he simply ensuring Cuba turns to Russia?

I’d say to the first question, forget it; it is not going to happen. To the second, sure he’ll get a few more votes – but don’t discount the possibility that he will lose more. And to the third question: Bingo! That’s it. That is all Trump is looking for: To do Putin’s bidding yet again.


The Great American Compromise of the 21st Century

(Did you ever think you’d see the day a President of the United States would so flippedly throw around terms like “treason”, “civil war”, “coup”, and such?)

You want to deal? I’ll give you a deal! Trump doesn’t run for president in 2020 and neither will Biden.

Where to start? The dizzying pace of news, half truths, lies and other concoctions that are coming at us in the last few days and weeks is nothing less than overwhelming, nothing less than impossible to keep up with unless you are a cable channel talking head.

Now we know that Trump reached out to a foreign government to do some research on a political opponent. It also seems like this has been a practice that others had done covertly in the past. But now we know the sitting President of the United States of America has done this. We have known through the years that these – and probably many more sinister and sleazy actions – have been taken by past Administrations and past Presidents. But now we know the sitting President of the United States of America has reached out to a foreign government to get political stuff to be used against his likely opponent in the presidential race of 2020… Are we supposed to just say “ah, that’s ok”?

And here we go with false equivalencies again. No other President in recent history has called for a Civil War if he is impeached. No other president in recent history has called for the arrest of a Congressman simply because they are starting an investigation against him. No other President in recent history has done so many of the things that this man Trump has done. Yet we insist on equating it all to the Bidens the Obamas. The fact is that the handful of alleged misgivings, alleged actions, unproven misconducts of others is being abused by this President as he insists on these false equivalencies.

This President continues to blatantly disregard precedent, instill disunity, and insult civility.

What to do? What to do?

Maybe the simple solution is obvious. Maybe neither Trump nor Biden should run for president in 2020!

Maybe – just maybe – the Republicans are salivating at that option! I am sure many good and well meaning Republicans would love nothing more than for this nightmare of Trump to be over. I am certain many well meaning Republicans would love to return to a time when we deliberate, argue, and civically fight about policies and what makes most sense for the well being of America.

I can see my fellow Democrats cringing at this choice. Clearly what Biden may have done – and clearly what is proven that he has done – is nowhere near what Trump has done. Again a false equivalency. Nonetheless in the spirit of moving forward and for the good of the Nation, getting neither Biden nor Trump to run for president in 2020 may just be the Great Political Compromise of the 21st century.