Putin, Pelosi, Trump – and Venezuela

Oh my. Just had a thought. Just a thought, mind you. Nothing more… Are you listening, Nancy?

The European Union, Brazil, and the U.S. – among many other nations – are supporting Juan Guaido, the duly and indisputably rightfully elected representative of the directly elected (i.e.: as in he/she who gets the most votes wins the election) representatives in Venezuela, as he claims the office of the Presidency because Venezuelan President Maduro rose to power through a
> rigged election,
> has caused havoc in the business of governance,
> is de-stabilizing democratic institutions,
> has surrounded himself with criminal elements, and
> is a puppet of a foreign county…

Hmmm, are you listening Nancy?

What I don’t quite understand – what I have yet to figure out – is why Putin is allowing Trump to show support for Venezuela… (Though it is becoming clearer; read on.) Unless of course, they are doing this to show to the world that Trump is not Putin’s puppet… Or, is this a diversion from their end game, total destabilization of the US to the point of submission?

Remember that Russia plays the long game. Theirs is one of empire building through military might and power. The US plays the much shorter game of immediate economic profits for the uber rich so they can enjoy it today, damn tomorrow.

In Russia’s eyes a weakened US from the perspective of perceived aspirational power is a clear battle win – not the end of the war, but certainly a battle that must be won. That is, Russia wins when the US is no longer looked at as the beacon of democratic hope; when aspiring people throughout the world discard the US theoretical democratic model as a model for governance, and instead turn to the simplistic personality driven strong man model.

These strong man model of governance are much easier to control than democracies where power is shared in different branches of government, dissent is allowed, and an independent judiciary is truly independent. These strong men are more willing to join the international mafia that is Russia. Democracies are messy and much more difficult to buy than single nations governed by strong man, troikas, or uber rich families… However, like what is going on with Venezuela, democracies must be supported – but only to lure the masses to think that you care.

As nations throughout the world turn to the strong man model of governance, in many ways thanks to Russia’s intentional destabilization whether through military power (Syria) or more savvy technological warfare that requires not a single shot (rigging elections in US and Brittan), Russia gets closer and closer to their end game, winning the war.

Is there any doubt that the Venezuelan crisis will be solved only when if and how Russia wants it to? This has nothing to do with democracy. This has nothing to do with the Venezuelan people. This has everything to do with how Putin wants to divvy up the oil fields of Venezuela. To the extent that he needs international American companies to do his dirty work, he will instruct Trump to do his bidding. To the extent Putin decides to go at it alone, Trump will of course abide.

Getting rid of Maduro has nothing to do with his socialist bent. It has everything to do with his ineptness in ensuring the efficiencies of the oil industry. He us being fired because his boss (Putin) is allowing him to be fired. And Putin is using his puppet, Trump, to do the firing. Nada mas.


A useful idiot or a Russian spy?

A useful idiot or a Russian spy?

Either way, the man is the real “enemy of the State.”

Remember when we would call him “Putin’s Puppet” and folks would dismiss us as radical wackos?

Well, here we are. The cat is out of the bag. The FBI – the FBI; let that sink in! – at one point considered the President of the United States an agent of a foreign country. Either this allegation is indisputably dismissed or we are in catastrophic times… And this is saying nothing of the Mueller investigation which has yet to conclude.

Trump’s consistent and unequivocal nod to Putin coupled with his seemingly hell-bent efforts to discredit every major American institution and the intentional disruption of traditional governance structures is clear proof he is not about making America great again but rather making Donald Trump an international mafioso.

Does any doubt remain that this man has no interest whatsoever in working for the common person, advancing social good, or even creating an economy that works for most people? Can anyone doubt that this man has no inclination to bring the country together or be President for anyone other than those who see him as a saviour for the dwindling white nationalists, those who are exclusively interested in the single issues of anti-abortion, judicial power, and wealth welfare for the uber rich – or those that hate Obama?

Let’s keep the eye on the prize. This man has to be made totally ineffective. We have to find ways to work around him. And he has to be out of there as soon as practical – but certainly no later than November 2020. He may have his cronies that will go to all lengths to use him for their self interest. There will always be that third of America welcoming a “strong man that tells it like it is” – though he is obviouly playing them to a hilt. And, there will always be those more afraid of change and the Democrats than whatever totalitarian and authoritative measures he may take – including possibly publicly aligning himself with Putin and Russia.

But, these cronies, frightened electorate, and supporters of a dictatorship know that there is one irrevocable power we have: The vote.

In the days, weeks, and months to come expect more draconian, outlandish – and illegal – acts by Trump. He is in desperation mode. Putin is pulling all the strings so tight that he may choke… But only so Pence can come in and look like the clean knight in a shining armor. And run in 2020… Stay tuned.

(I did write something that foreshadowed this a while back, “Putin’s Puppet“.)